Statement of Purpose

This blog is for me to put down various thoughts and ideas as I work through writing my Masters Thesis. I can tell, you’re thrilled. You may be interested in this blog, if have interests coincident with the area in which I intend to write my Master thesis on; Science Fiction, specifically, AI’s, Robots and other synthetic, artificial or otherwise non-organic forms of intelligent life. It’s a fascinating little area, for example just by considering intelligence and life together numerous fascinating questions immediately raise themselves; are there non-organic, unintelligent forms of life? Does intelligence determine life? Is an AI alive in ay meaningful way, or merely intelligent – and this is assuming intelligence already. Are they ever really intelligent, if so, how? If not, what does that mean – particularly if they can pass a Turing test. I have a lot of ideas on the matter, and I’ll be spilling a lot of them here.

Ultimately, I’m looking to celebrate and expand my love of Science Fiction – both ‘Hard’ and ‘Fantastic’ – and my long-term interests in Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Culture and so on. If anyone else is interested in what I’m thinking, and occasionally saying (if I feel really bold) then please feel free to post and comment, I’d love to hear from you too.


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